What was your favorite childhood fairy tale?


Friends, I am just giddy to share with you what Best-selling erotica maven Mimi Strong has posted about my upcoming erotic romance:

Cover reveal and giveaway! My author friend A. Violet is very excited about the launch of her new Cinderella-themed book.

I’m giving away an ebook copy! To enter to win, share the image below with your friend and post a comment.

p.s. It’s on Goodreads here if you’d like to shelve it:


Click here to share the image on FB, answer Mimi’s q. re: your fave fairytale, and be entered in the giveaway!

My author friends have been so supportive and I am just overjoyed at the beautiful send-up Mimi has made of my cover!  She is truly talented and I hope you will check out her work if you haven’t already–but more than likely, you have!

Right now I’m reading Why Not Tonight? by Ms. Strong, but she’s sent me a note about a hilarious story of hers that’s a bit of a tribute to the movie Labyrinth!  OMG!  Who didn’t love David Bowie as the Goblin King?

Look at this, and perhaps have a read while you’re waiting for As You Wish to finish edits and join the ranks of Ms. Mimi Strong on the erotic romance shelves:


If you’re one of my readers I bet a Labyrinth erotica tale is right up your alley, isn’t it?  OMG, this looks so cute.  I grabbed it–it’s on sale for $.99 right now!  The non-Amazon links are at Mimi’s site: ORLY Press.


A quick note about BDSM & my Billionaire series

The Billionaire & BDSM

Because I recently was made aware of an outcry in the BDSM community against erotica with themes that rely on the cultural knowledge of their generalized, overarching practices of sexuality, I feel a little pressure to explain something about my series Diary of a Fuckdoll.

The Billionaire Who…series is not intended to accurately represent BDSM.  Until this week, it never occurred to me that any reader anywhere would consider the abusive drugged up Tristan as a legitimate Dom.

Dear reader, fair & kind, Tristan is not a “dom.”  He thinks he is.  Just as he thinks he is also a right good chap who’s handsome, generous, and good with money.  Tristan thinks a lot of things about himself, and lets show a lot more that he never tells with his words.  With his actions (for as writers, we are told to show, NOT TELL), he shows us he is abusive, rough, controlling, domineering…

If you are looking for a romance, do not pick up the Billionaire series.  I have said it before and I will say it again.  It is not a romance.

As for the supposed tide of other erotica books that are trying to do double-duty as romances between rich men and the women they tie up, there is little to nothing I can say about them.  I can only speak for my own writing, and at this point in time when I still have parts 6 & 7 to finish, it is dangerous to speak too much.  I fear I may have given away too much, already!

If you feel confused, split, attracted and repulsed by Tristan, then I have done my job.  All shall be revealed dear reader, brave and fair.  And, hopefully, other things I’ve written into this story will strike you on differing levels, but now is not the time and place to discuss these things—you never see an actor stop at intermission to take Q&A on his performance in the first act, do you?  So let us not break the fourth wall quite *all* the way, okay?

Do allow me to sally through the rest of AS YOU WISH (and therein lies the romance I have been accused of having written *sigh*), and when it is finished all about Tristan and Lisa and the other Lisa and the other Lisas shall be revealed.

I enjoy writing episodic entertainment fare.  I enjoy writing it, and so I do.  I hope you enjoy reading it.  If it evokes feelings within you re: true BDSM, I do encourage you to research what that world is really like.  Or, if like me, you prefer to fantasize about rough things and not actually do them, that is completely and totally valid a choice, as well.  My friends get quite the laugh about how vanilla Ms. End is in real life, considering the filth she so proudly writes.

But, enough.  I have a free book to pimp out today and AS YOU WISH still is not writing itself, despite all the bibbity-bobbity-boobiting I’ve lay on it.  😉


Your Vi

50 spanks with the belt should teach you a lesson…

Maybe next time you’ll realize being owned’s a blessing…

Inspired by I’m Screwed, a poem in Iniquitous Solace by Penelope Jones & Max:

Need something hot and steamy for Valentine’s Day? Try these rhythmic words of love and lust.  Try something different:


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When billionaire pharmaceutical heir Tristan comes into Lisa’s life, she can’t seem to say no to his demands. He’s rough and he’s tough, but he’s good looking and generous, as well. Will she take him home for Thanksgiving, or just take her punishment and his money and walk away? A man like Tristan makes walking away nearly impossible.

First installment of a planned series. Short story, approximately 2000 words. Explicit sex! Adults only!

By the author the Grimm & Dirty Sex Fairy Tales series, A. Violet End.

I don’t understand what you want


Inspired by Mistress of My Dreams, a poem in Iniquitous Solace by Penelope Jones & Max:

I don’t understand
what you want from me.

I feel your heat in my teeth
but I’m still wondering.
Your dew soaked lips
sucked into my mouth…

Need something hot and steamy for Valentine’s Day? Try this duet of passion between a man and a woman in poetic form. Try something different: 

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