Let’s Make a Deal

Tell you what.  I REALLY do not want to detract from As You Wish in any way, since it’s a new book and it really deserves a chance to make it before the Fuckdoll heat comes raining down on its hot little heels…

HOWEVER.  I have had SO many requests for updates on Billionaire 6, I will make you a deal.  As of this writing, As You Wish is on 43 “To Be Read” lists on Goodreads.  If you will add it and tell your friends to add it, when it has 100 “To Be Reads,” then I will upload the cover for the new Billionaire episode, which will reveal the title and much of the setting.

Also…it’s fucking amazeballs and you will melt your panties off.  YES, it’s a variation on the theme seen in the first 5, but you’ll shit a brick when you see what I did with Lisa this time.

I can also tell you that right now, this Billionaire episode is swinging wide.  It’s over 10k and I don’t think I’ll be done until it hits about 20k.  For your records, that’s about twice the length of “Cloned Me.”

Okay, so you want the cover revealed?

Add As You Wish to your To Be Read list (aka clicking “Want to read”).  Tell your friends!  I bet you could do this by tonight if you really wanted to.  With over 6k twitter followers, hundreds of FB friends, hundreds of Goodreads, tumblr, and WordPress friends?  What’s 57 “To Be Reads,” huh?

Let’s Make a Deal


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