Do you review audiobooks?

If you review erotic audio books or know of a good blog to submit A Grimm & Dirty Omnibus to, Ms. End would just love to hear from you.  She has a few review codes she can give away – a very precious few, at that.

Pipe up, darlings!


Direct from Audible or on Amazon…or download it on your iTunes!


Do you love aural?

Now live and kicking on, A Grimm & Dirty Omnibus, by yours truly.  


You will love the narration by Marascha Black.  In fact, Ms. End quite suspects you shall forget it isn’t Ms. End reading to you, altogether, dears!

I so fell in love with Ms. Black, she is currently on task reading As You Wish for you dirty devils, as well.

I know you will love the Grimm & Dirty Omnibus.  If you enjoyed reading any of the tales on your Kindle, you will be enthralled with this audiobook!  It truly is a lovely performance and I couldn’t believe how fascinating it was to listen to!  I know these stories by heart, after all.  Yet, Ms. Black’s delightful performance surprised me.  

If you’ve not yet read my Grimm & Dirty Sex Tales, I highly recommend you give this a listen, first.  You can even hear a preview before you buy.

Also coming soon to Amazon & iTunes.  

Happy day!

Reviews, darlings, reviews

Did you enjoy As You Wish?  Are you chomping at the bit for the final installment in the Billionaire saga?

Darlings, while you wait, would you mind taking a moment to leave your reviews on Amazon?  I could really use your endorsement of the books online.  I love your emails and your FB shares and things like that, but those Amazon stars communicate with people you and I have never met that my books are worth a read.  I need for more people to try the work and spread the word about it, or else it’s really just a labor of love…and we all know labors of love don’t get finished until after we’ve paid the bills with more popular projects.

SO…if you love the erotic romance that is my Cinderella, or if you can’t wait to see how I tie up the totally bonkers Fuckdoll story, please get on Amazon and share that!  Thank you VERY much!


Four out of five stars for AS YOU WISH from Bitten by Paranormal romance

Rated HOT! by Bitten by Paranormal romance!

Rated HOT! 

Howling good!

Read the complete review here!

As You Wish, a Cinderella story

As You Wish, a Cinderella story

Snag your copy of this fairy tale romance A. Violet End style.  <~Link is to Amazon but it is easily searchable on B&N, Kobo, Smashwords, etc.  Still waiting on iTunes to approve it!  Slow iTunes!

ARE YOU A BOOK REVIEWER?  Do you love EROTIC romance or EROTICA?  Let me know if you’d like review copies of any of my books.  I am always looking for reviewers.