Silence is golden

Oh, I’ve been busy.  Really, it’s been a big year, this 2013.

Hey, a couple of folks on Goodreads have asked me about Atoned to Me (The Billionaire Who…) aka Fuckdoll #7, so I wanted to address that.

I’m still writing that.  I’d like to have it out by Christmas, but I got all my writing deadlines pushed back by our big End Family Move.  It took a few months and half my life is still in boxes, but I’m getting back onto the polo pony now, as it were.

Diary of a Fuckdoll pt 7, The Billionaire Who Atoned to Me is going to be the last publication from A. Violet End.  I’M NOT QUITTING.  I’m just changing my name.  Ready to try rebranding my particular sort of perversion.

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For now, if you want to add Fuckdoll 7 to your Goodreads, it’s here, with the beautiful cover: FUCKDOLL 7 ON GOODREADS

Lisa has struggled against Tristan and his controlling ways for too long. With a seemingly endless arsenal of tricks to employ against her, how can she ever break free? Will his oneupmanship ever end?

At the dramatic end of part 6, The Billionaire Who Loaned Me, the stage was set for the final showdown. We now know the secret of why Tristan acts so strangely, and who Lisa really is. But who is this new Tristan, ready and able to help? Can Lisa trust him? And what about her sisters in bondage? Can she help them break free?

Note: there will be comeuppance. There will be a HEA. There will be lots of sex.

Coming this fall: Diary of a Fuckdoll part 7, the final chapter. The Billionaire Who Atoned to Me.

Sorry, I didn’t mean to lie about that “fall” part.  I am enjoying the new home, though.


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