I’m really not that fickle…

Update: Barnes & Noble link here, for Nook.

Alright, alright, I know I said I would write nothing new with the exception of Billionaire 7.  I did mean that.  I did.

But the opportunity presented itself to publish a boxed set of my own work and the work of five other erotic fantasy writers, and I agreed to do so.  Originally I thought it was just going to be one set, then I realized it was going to be SIX boxed sets…and although I could submit previously-published works to my friends for their purposes, I realized that for my own purposes…and for yours…I really HAD to write a dirty story about an ogre.

A fan wrote to me months ago and asked for a Grimm & Dirty Fairy Tale about an ogre.  So, without further ado, I present to you my latest (and last) Grimm & Dirty Tale, and five other scrumptious erotic fantasies for your amusement.  The stories by Carl, J.M., Lexi, Skye, and Elixa are quite good.  Gobble this collection up for $.99 while you can.  I mean it about it being my last dirty fairy tale.  I truly do.


Amazon or Smashwords

Other bookstores TBA.


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